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For Canadians by Canadians sharing the truths about generating wealth through real estate investing. This show is about getting rich slowly, investing is a marathon, no get rich quick methods will be discussed here hosted by award winning investor and three time Realtor of the Year Erwin Szeto aka Mr. Hamilton
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May 16, 2017

Kevin started investing in 2007 with a vacant, run down six plex that he purchased with no money down in Thunder Bay. Now a full time investor, Kevin continues to fix up and rent multi-family properties, as well as flipping single family homes. If you know Kevin, you’ll know he has a passion for learning and sharing knowledge, hence he decided to start LifeStyle Housing Radio, a weekly radio show and podcast for real estate investors, and that’s not all. Kevin being from Thunder Bay, hasn’t always been able to attend all the great real estate events in the GTA hence he started the LifeStyle Housing Summit to make great real estate education available to everyone no matter where they live. When he’s not working on a property, Kevin is skiing and coaching at the local ski resort and for the Lakehead varsity ski team.

In case you haven’t heard Kevin’s LifeStyle Housing Radio show, I’m going to play for you Kevin’s very original radio show introduction so without further ado, I give you Kevin Bunzeluk

Kevin created a special offer for listeners of my show

When you sign up at you will get:

- Kevin’s ebook, 'The Ultimate Tenant Screening Guide'

- A few of the presentations from the life style housing summit

- 20% off the LifeStyle Housing Summit all access pass

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I’ve been part of Rock Star since 2010 and you will be learning the #1 strategy we have implemented in Hamilton, St Catharines in Niagara Region to transact on hundreds of investment properties in turn producing several millionaire clients.  The strategy works so well, our clients’ success has been noticed resulting our real estate team being award real estate agent of the year in 2015, 2016, and 2017 by multiple publications.

So don’t delay, please to go, there are only a few seats left and there is always a waiting list.

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Apr 24, 2017

Hello ladies and gentlemen investors from across Canada, welcome to another episode of the truth about real estate investing, where it is my pleasure to bring to you investor stories to educate, inspire and maybe even entertain.  This week we have a guest referred by a friend of the show in Amy Halpenny, she’s new to real estate investing but she shot out of a cannon acquiring five properties in just over six months in Collingwood and the Durham Region converting each of them to add secondary suites for a total of ten units.

On-the-job Amy combines strategic ‘big picture’ thinking with well-honed management skills, operational know-how, and a relentless persistence to get 'er done.

Previous to real estate, Amy worked in small business and start-ups for over 15 years in strategy, sales, marketing and operations.

In this interview we talk about Amy’s reasons for investing, the courses she took and how it helped, how her investing strategy will insulate her from market corrections.

Coaching recommended by Amy:

Apr 13, 2017

Hello ladies and gentlemen investors from across Canada, this week we have a special guest in an old friend Oliver Manalese. I’ve known Oliver for many years dating back to my first year at REIN in 2008 and he no longer invests in real estate. Just to confirm, you are indeed listening to the Truth About Real Estate Investing show and one of the truths of the investment business is it’s not for everyone. In Oliver’s case, he built a successful business, made a bunch of money doing so, and later decided to change directions.


Since 2012, Oliver Manalese is a Breakthrough Coach. He coaches, consults and trains creative leaders in a process of Aligned Reinvention. Through breakthrough insights, intuitive guidance, and transformational tools, his clients create lives and businesses that reflect their deepest purpose on this planet.


His work is based in Ontology. Simply put, he looks at the different ways we are being and how it determines our reality of what is possible and not possible. In today's culture of hustle, overwork, and never enough, being is the key component that's missing. Returning to being is what translates into a greater sense of presence, flow, and trust in the unfolding of our unique process.


In this episode we talk about a variety of topics: how rent-to-own works, how Oliver raised capital as a 22 year old with limited start up capital, how real estate taught him about entrepreneurship, the importance of personal development and growth. He was so good at the business, other investors sought out Oliver to hire him to be their investing coach.  This led to  Oliver’s aha moment of wanting to help people in a more fulfilling way as the full time break through coach that he is today.  Apparently it’s working as for both personal or professional projects, Oliver’s clients report having a greater sense of inner peace, satisfaction, confidence, joy, and abundance.


So without further ado, I introduce to you, Oliver Manalese


Oliver is also host of The Oliver Manalese Show, a podcast that dives into the breakdowns and breakthroughs of influential people. Guests include accomplished entrepreneurs, coaches, and authors who vulnerably share their genuine challenges and the insights that empowered them to breakthrough.


For more information visit:


Connect with Oliver on Facebook:


Oliver’s podcast:


Complimentary sessions available at


Real Estate Investment Network:


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:


Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz:


Last Word on Power by Tracy Gross


War of Art by Steven Pressfield


The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida


Sponsor and ACRE Discount Code

This episode is brought to you by the Real Estate Investment Network, or REIN for short. I’ve personally been a REIN member since 2008 and in Toronto on April 21st-23rd is the well renowned ACRE program. ACRE stands for Authentic, Canadian, Real Estate and it’s the best weekend of real estate training I’ve attended. Additionally, it’s not thousands of dollars like other, similar events. I like ACRE weekend so much this will be my tenth time in attendance. The education is that good and the networking is even better!

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Thanks for reading (and listening!) and hope to see you at ACRE!

Apr 6, 2017

Hello ladies and gentlemen listeners from across Canada! Welcome to another episode of the Truth About Real Estate Investing where it is my job to bring you lessons from the streets, provide you education on all things real estate investing, inspiration, and maybe some entertainment.

This week we have a very special guest, a multiple time best selling author, the best selling Canadian real estate author in history but he doesn’t just write, he knows what he’s talking about. Don is a veteran investor, a teacher, a Philanthropist, market analyst and in his free time, Don pursues his passion which is organic farming and not just plants but livestock as in cows and such.

Don has spoken to tens of thousands of people on stages all over North America, Australia, Ireland sharing his analysis, his strategies and his life philosophies. When the national media: CBC, BNN, CTV, Global News, Financial Post, Globe and Mail, Sun Media, etc… wants an unbiased comment on the real estate market, they go to Don in his role as Senior Analyst of the Real Estate Investment Network a company that has provided detailed forecasts and analysis of housing markets across Canada for over 24 years.

Today, my goal is to build upon the interview we did, episode 2, 12 months ago, I suggest you listen to it if you haven’t already. Today we dig more into economics, more specifically about the craziness going on in our major markets, what’s causing it, that one book we all need to read (and no, it wasn’t written by Don), what it was like investing in the 80’s when interest rates were in the double digits and climbing.  We also get deeper into Don’s story, to drag out some tips and strategies you may not have heard before.  You’ll find this a fast-paced discussion, so I suggest you get your note paper ready.  Without further ado, let me welcome Don Campbell to the podcast.

This episode is brought to you by the Real Estate Investment network or REIN for short. I’ve personally been a REIN member since 2008 and in Toronto on April 21st-23rd is the well renowned ACRE program. ACRE stands for Authentic, Canadian, Real Estate and it’s the best weekend of real estate training I’ve attended and it’s not thousands of dollars like other similar events. I like ACRE weekend so much this will be my tenth time in attendance, the education is that good and the networking is even better. 

As a special gift to our listeners, founding partner of REIN, Don Campbell has provided you all a discount code to save $300 off the public’s price at $687 which is already fantastic value so you listeners only pay $387 by entering discount code ERWINSGUEST when you purchase ticket from Again that’s April 21st-23rd for the best weekend in real estate investment training for $387. Link:

Mar 10, 2017

This week we have a special guest in Michal Wywrot, who started out investing in real estate at the age of 17 at the same time while going to school and university, playing Poker and using the winnings to graduate university debt free. Mike travelled the world as a professional poker player on the top three world poker tours having played in LA, Vegas, Croatia, Monte Carlo.  Michael and brother Luke’s investing is just a varied and spread out having investing in new construction condos in Markham, nine student houses in Hamilton, flips and rent to owns in Brampton and Durham regions, apartment building in Etobicoke and finally, their current project, developing 30 units in Toronto.

Should you want to learn more about their business or join them in a future development opportunity, go to their website at

On Instagram:


On the podcast, we talk about:


What Michal does to stay in shape and destress

The boom of online poker, risk analysis, exploiting early advantages

Reading opposing poker players and skill transfer when screening tenants

Michal’s investing career starting at age 17 with a new construction condo

Flipping a house in Etobicoke

Converting a 3 unit into six units near Humber College

Current project: 30 units new development and challenges including an unexpected $500,000 environmental cleanup


Feb 15, 2017

That’s right, a part time investor from Toronto investing in cash flowing, Hamilton real estate improved his net worth by $600,000 in just six years.  Gross rents of $8,000 per month and John’s personal efforts to generate those revenues is 30 minutes per week or 2 hours per month, therefore his hourly rate is $4,000/hour.

After over a decade of sitting on the sidelines and knowing real estate was an excellent asset class, John finally took the leap after meeting his real estate coach in Erwin “Mr Hamilton” Szeto (full disclosure, John is my client).  John, son of Greek immigrants, being a rather smart guy who has his MBA and Chartered Professional Accountant designation took the leap and purchased his first investment property, in April 2011, a single family, semi-detached for $240,000 which is now worth over $400,000 in today’s market.

John has a full time, management job in Toronto, recently married to lovely wife Freda and are expecting their first child.  With busy life including teaching at Sheridan College, achieving a black belt in Karate, learning to play guitar and full-time career, John still managed to make investing in real estate a priority and invested in one additional property per year.

John is an avid stock investor within his RRSP account using his own and his company’s contributions and we had a great conversation around SELF DIRECTED, educated, conservative, stock investing as well.

Show notes:

Final thoughts, I couldn’t find my proper mic for in person interviews so please do turn up the volume as I sound quiet and I know for future episodes when I am serving/consuming wine to remove the wine charms :P

This episode is brought to you by Rock Star’s Real Estate's Free Training Class:  As always, I only ever recommend services, investments that I would invest in myself and I have attended this training class at least twice, I’ve been a consumer of Rock Star’s newsletters, events, VIP events, etc. since 2010 and highly recommend them. Recently, I’ve been recommending the Free Training class even more often as I’m finding many novice investors, even the highly educated ones with post graduate degrees including my brother Tony who has a higher IQ than me and my cousin Simon, a professional engineer who have both recently registered would benefit from fundamental, real estate training for beginners.  My brother Tony who has a university degree and higher IQ than me, and my cousin Simon who is a professional engineer are attending upcoming classes as well.

The class is 90 minutes, it will teach you about opportunities in Ontario’s golden horse shoe to invest in. There is no charge, no commitment and I recommend every investor and entrepreneur to take this class at least once.

To register, the link is

Jan 10, 2017

This week we are talking to Steve Kulakowsky, co-owner of Core Urban Inc. where him and partner Dave have renovated and converted an 26 unit apartment building into condos, turned a former school into 36 condos, and transformed a few other dated and rough buildings into attractive, interesting places for people to call home in and around downtown Hamilton.  Steve’s story in his rise to fame and success contains many lessons for new and old investors hence I’m really excited to share his story with you. Do make sure to check out Steve’s portfolio on his website at as words do not do justice to what Steve means by “interesting places”

Check out this article as well on Why restaurant veterans are ditching Toronto for Hamilton. The article mentions several restaurants located in Steve’s buildings on King William in downtown Hamilton.  The article says a lot about why people from all walks of life are moving to Hamilton. Quoting the article, describing Toronto "$25-a-day parking, brutal traffic, high prices, miserable people and the money-rules corporate restaurant scene."

Reading between the lines, these restaurant professionals are quitting their jobs to start their own ventures in Hamilton partly because the spaces, rent, renovation costs are so much less.

If you enjoyed this interview, please leave a review on which ever platform you’re using and if you’d like to say thanks to Steve, I’m sure he’d appreciate you dining at one of his tenant’s restaurants or if you know a commercial property coming up for sale please let Steve know!

To reach out to Steve, you can contact him through his website here:

On twitter:

Dec 14, 2016

This week, we have a very special guest in Tom Karadza (, co-founder and co-owner on Rock Star Real Estate, a two time Profit 500 company, which makes Rock Star one of the 500 fastest growing companies in Canada.  Rock Star manages a membership of over 800 investors called the Rock Star Inner and you can learn more about it on their website

Even though rock star members invest in every real estate strategy imaginable, they are best known for rent to own having members transacted on 1,800 – 2,000 rent to owns to date. If anyone out there has done more in Canada, kindly let me know because I don’t think any other group or company comes close.

During this interview we talk about the day Tom was yelled at in front of his co-workers for missing a sales target which was the catalyst for Tom to change paths and begin his and brother Nick’s journey to starting Rock Star Real Estate. We talk about the investment of Tom’s money, time, but more importantly, the sacrifices of family time and health to take the business where it is and shares his lessons learned.

We talk about rent to own as a strategy, how it works, which markets the strategy is best for, what makes certain investors successful and not so.

For fans of gold and silver, like myself, Tom gives his recommendations on why gold and how much we should own.

We could have gone on for hours so if you listeners enjoy this episode please let me know, preferable leave a review on whichever platform you are using to listen e.g. on Itunes, I read it all or simply email me. Anyways, without further ado, I present to you Tom Karadza

Nov 30, 2016

Charles Wah was born and raised in Hamilton where he invests in many forms of real estate, from rent to own, long term hold, a commercial building and for the topic of today’s discussion, land development where they have two proposed developments for a total of 150 townhouses.  Charles is a full time entrepreneur and co-founder of the Gateway Group, his real estate and development company.

Charles was a finalist for Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine’s newcomer of the year, he is a proud member of the Real Estate Investment Network, a Rock Star VIP member, Hamilton-Halton Builders’ Association, and Hamilton Chamber of Commerce.  Charles is always looking to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs to network and raise each other up.

In his personal life, Charles is a sports fanatic, especially soccer, we’re actually attending Major League Soccer’s Eastern Conference Final tonight cheer on the Toronto Football Club and depending on when you’re listening to this, hopefully we won J.  So without further ado, I give you Land Developer Charles Wah

In this episode we discuss:

  • The family real estate business
  • Why Canada over Malaysia, I heard the beaches there are lovely
  • The decision to go full time real estate entrepreneur
  • Feedback on the different networks he belongs to: REIN, Rock Star, etc…
  • Why focus on land development?
  • Financing land acquisition
  • What’s a vendor take back mortgage?
  • Starting out
  • Target return on investment
  • Stage of land development
  • What to look for in a parcel of land
    • Location (transit, infrastructure, schools, shopping, other amenities, is the surrounding area mature or being developed?, etc)
    • Is the surrounding area mature or being developed?
    • Are there subdivisions in the area? If so, are they single family houses, townhouses, etc?
    • Sources of noise (commercial, industrial, road, highway, etc
    • Access to a highway
    • Lot size and layout (square, rectangle, pie shape, irregular, etc)
    • Lot grading (flat, sloped, etc) including any topographical constraints (e.g. steep slopes)
    • Zoning
    • Designation under the municipality's Official Plan (may differ from zoning)
    • What density is allowed in the current zoning and designation? What is the existing density in the surrounding area? Does your proposal fit the character of the neighbourhood?
    • Are there any environmentally sensitive features such as woodland, watercourses, etc? If so, are they regulated by any
    • local conservation authorities? What setbacks will be required from these features and how much of the property can be developed?
    • Are there municipal services (sanitary and water) available at the street?
    • Are there any existing buildings? If so, can they be rented out to mitigate costs in the short term? Are the buildings on septic or sewers, well water or municipal water? Are there any heritage designations?
    • Is the property on a major road or side road?
    • History of the site
    • Any possibilities of contamination in the soil?
  • Costs for development
    • Land Acquisition
    • Development Soft Costs and Professional Fees
      • Legal
      • Planner
      • Architectural
      • Landscape Architect
      • Traffic
      • Environmental
      • Geotechnical/Soil Tests
      • Noise/Vibration
      • Stormwater Management
      • Archaeological
      • Marketing
      • Financial Consultants
      • Engineering
      • Surveying
    • Servicing Costs (i.e. Hard Costs)
      • Demolition
      • Tree Removal
      • Silt Fencing
      • Signage
      • Earthworks
      • Miscellaneous Site Works
      • Stripping/Grading
      • Fill Requirement
      • Hydro
      • Street Lighting
      • Road Works
      • Sanitary
      • Water
      • Stormwater
      • Lots/Street Trees
      • Landscaping
      • Entry Features
      • Retaining Walls
      • Fencing
      • Parks
    • Municipal Costs
      • Application Fees
      • Engineering Fees
      • Utility Fees
      • City Development Charges
      • Regional Development Charges
      • Park Levies
      • Special Area Levies
      • Credits/Recoveries
      • Local Improvement Charges
    • Finance Costs
  • Skills a developer needs
  • Tools and resources
    • Google Earth Pro
    • Hamilton Maps (
      • City Of Hamilton's online interactive mapping tool which contains lots of useful information. For example, not only can you see zoning but you can also view infrastructure on the map such as sanitary and water to see if the land is serviced.
    • MPAC (
  • Advise for novices
  • How to reach Charles:
Jun 22, 2016

Susan started investing in real estate in 2006, five years after watching her younger brother of 5 years achieve great success investing in Hamilton, Ontario. Following her brother’s example, she bought two rental students properties in Barrie, Ontario. She admits that the initial interest was all ego, stepping out on her own and accomplishing something most talk about but rarely do.  The problem for Susan was that… she got bored.  Next she starting throwing money at the stock market and mutual funds where she could see a daily finite number of what she had made (or lost). I think you all know what happened in 2007 and 2008…  Suddenly, the boredom of real estate properties had a new appeal…

Susan then transitioned into a full time real estate investing career, attended any and every opportunity to learn about real estate investing from many Rich Dad programs, to REIN (Real Estate Investment Network) and hiring two coaches.  She’s read every book associated with real estate investing she could get her hands on.

Soon after, over a 20 month span, she acquired 13 properties, was awarded “New Comer of the Year Award” from the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine.   The Following year in 2012 she won REIN’s “Top Player Award”

Today, she is focused on being a mom to her three children by limiting her work week to only 15 hours.  On the investments side, her focus is primarily buying, renovating legal secondary suites, and holding in Barrie, Ontario.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Susan spends her 15 hours of work each week
  • How she balances her life in the remaining hours each week
  • Changing gears between investment strategies: Student rentals to the stock market back to real estate, rent-to-own and now legal basement apartments
  • Why she no longer does rent to own
  • What she learned from Rich Dad real estate training programs
  • One’s probability of success as a full time investor
  • The plan to leave her executive position in HR to be a full time investor
  • How Susan lost $30,000 on a property and the lessons so you don’t make the same mistake
  • Susan’s sources of joint venture capital
  • RSP second mortgages
  • How a mortgage company changed Susan’s grandmother’s life.
  • Tips on presenting joint venture opportunities

You can reach out to or learn more about Susan's business or coaching here:



On Facebook:


May 4, 2016

For this week’s episode we have Police Constable Jules Mckenzie, successful real estate entrepreneur in the Barrie/Orillia area of Ontario. Jules who has held an interest in 50 separate real estate properties and is the operations manager in over 12 joint venture partnerships 

The truth about Jules’ rise to success as an investor is, back in 2001 he took some unsophisticated real estate investing courses not specific to Canada.  Jules was taught to call his creditors to extend lines of credit and apply for more credit card capacity to be used to financing down payments and renovations on run down rental properties.  Unfortunately, the strategy did not work out and Jules had accumulated over $140,000 in expensive credit card and line of credit debt.

How did he climb out of this hole to become an ultra-successful investor?  Have a listen to this week’s episode titled, the Jules of Real Estate Investing.  Without further ado, I introduce to you, Jules Mckenzie.


If you would like to reach out to Jules, you can do so here:





Apr 26, 2016

Ruben Furtado brings a new perspective to real estate investing like no other.  With over 20 years experience in successful real estate investing, he has leverage his unique strategies to set new highs in sale prices and has helped many of his customers meet and exceed their real estate goals.

Prior to becoming a Realtor, he bought and sold a large number of properties for himself and with clients. Check out Ruben’s Instagram account here: to see a few of his projects.

Starting out as the child of Portuguese immigrants, from the age of 12, Ruben was able to identify quality investment properties and was hooked on real estate both for lifestyle and wealth creation.  Check out the home Ruben built for his family, Toronto Life article here: and live, action video here:

When the house got too big for the family, Ruben masterfully sold the property when the other area experts thought he was asking a MILLION too high but he successfully set new records for the south Oakville, Ontario market and walked away with a capital gain in the seven figures.  Ruben now provides his services as a Realtor and consultant to investors who want to do the same.

Have a listen to our latest episode where Ruben shares his story of success, the time he almost walked away from it all, and tips to avoid failure and top tips when flipping or selling properties.

If you would like to reach out to Ruben, here’s how you can:



Apr 12, 2016

Quentin D’Souza ( is a multiple award winning Real Estate Investor, and a trusted authority on investing in the Durham Region of Ontario.  He is an Ontario Certified Teacher and holds two university degrees, which includes a Master’s in Education.  His company, Appleridge Homes, uses the Buy, Fix, Refinance, and Rent strategy on long term rental properties from Pickering to Bowmanville, as well as joint venture partnerships to create win/win relationships.  Quentin is the author of “The Property Management Toolbox: A How-To Guide for Ontario Real Estate Investors and Landlords” and “The Ultimate Wealth Strategy: Your Complete Guide to Buying, Fixing, Refinancing, and Renting Real Estate.”  He is also the Chief Education Officer of the Durham Real Estate Investor Club and coaches up and coming real estate investors.


In this episode, we cover a ton:

  • How Quentin doubled his income
  • How he built his real estate investment portfolio
  • The conversation he had with his family about leaving his six figure salary job
  • Sources for finding hidden gem investment properties
  • Quentin’s thoughts on which investors will actually be successful in doubling their income
  • Creating multiple streams of income
  • Tips and tricks on increasing your net worth via your network

Links and Show Notes

If you would like to connect with Quentin and/or buy him lunch (you’ll get the reference when you listen to the podcast :)) here’s his email:

the Durham Real Estate investors Club:

Quentin on Ontario’s Sunshine List for public servants earning over $100,000 salary:

Real Deal Renos, 10 episode youtube series on investing in Durham:

Books by Quentin:

Apr 5, 2016
  1. We were super excited when Don accepted our invitation to the show and we are even more excited after the interview!! I (Erwin) tried to be a good host and stay present but I couldn’t help but take tons of notes as Don was handing out gold (figuratively)!!  I’ll share them later in the show notes on our website but we couldn’t wait any longer to release this episode because:

    1. ACRE / SOS is coming April 15-17th to Toronto, link:
    2. As a favour to me, Don and the Real Estate Investment Network (R.E.I.N.), the hosts of ACRE / SOS are providing my guests a very special price of $287 plus tax!! Discount code: MRHAMILTON (no spaces) to be entered upon check out.  Thank you Don and REIN!

If you don’t know Don, he is the best-selling Canadian real estate author in history. But that is just the surface. He is also a veteran investor, a teacher, a Philanthropist & market analyst (and, if you’re friends with Don on Facebook, you know he's an organic farmer).

Don has spoken to tens of thousands of people on stages all over North America, Australia, Ireland sharing his analysis, his strategies and his life philosophies . When the national media: CBC, BNN, CTV, Global News, Financial Post, Globe and Mail, Sun Media, etc… wants an unbiased comment on the real estate market, they go to Don in his role as Senior Analyst of the Real Estate Investment Network, a company that has provided detailed forecasts and analysis of housing markets across Canada for over 23 years.

My goal with the interview is to get deeper into his story, to drag out some tips and strategies you may not have heard before.  You’ll find this a fast paced discussion, so I suggest you get your note paper ready and share it with your friends who are interesting in investing in real estate.

You can stay in touch with Don Campbell via:

Twitter: @DonRCampbell



... and we both hope to see you at ACRE / SOS 

Mar 23, 2016

In this episode, we learn Julie’s lessons on starting with just $16,000 in 2001 to becoming a real estate millionaire and, more importantly, to living a comfortable, relaxed lifestyle. Real estate investing is not all roses and Julie shares her stories from the trenches, including investing in what became a crack house. Julie talks to the importance of building a brand and shares stories of success.  As someone who’s worked hard to build a brand myself, I can personally attest to the importance of having an established brand in order to attract investors.

We also dig into fitness regimes, books, and habits that allow Julie to stay at the top of her game. Just this morning I borrowed Julie’s morning ritual of drinking a glass of water with a “greens” powder followed by a second glass of water and I felt terrific afterwards! If you want to be elite, then adopt the same habits as the elite – it’s that simple… and here is our show!!

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